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Action View Renderer

This is the main entry point for rendering. It basically delegates to other objects like TemplateRenderer and PartialRenderer which actually renders the template.

The Renderer will parse the options from the render or render_body method and render a partial or a template based on the options. The TemplateRenderer and PartialRenderer objects are wrappers which do all the setup and logic necessary to render a view and a new object is created each time render is called.



[RW] lookup_context

Class Public methods


# File actionview/lib/action_view/renderer/renderer.rb, line 18
def initialize(lookup_context)
  @lookup_context = lookup_context

Instance Public methods

render(context, options)

Main render entry point shared by Action View and Action Controller.

# File actionview/lib/action_view/renderer/renderer.rb, line 23
def render(context, options)
  render_to_object(context, options).body

render_body(context, options)

Render but returns a valid Rack body. If fibers are defined, we return a streaming body that renders the template piece by piece.

Note that partials are not supported to be rendered with streaming, so in such cases, we just wrap them in an array.

# File actionview/lib/action_view/renderer/renderer.rb, line 40
def render_body(context, options)
  if options.key?(:partial)
    [render_partial(context, options)]
  else, options)