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Action View CSRF Helpers


Instance Public methods


For backwards compatibility.

Alias for: csrf_meta_tags


Returns meta tags “csrf-param” and “csrf-token” with the name of the cross-site request forgery protection parameter and token, respectively.

  <%= csrf_meta_tags %>

These are used to generate the dynamic forms that implement non-remote links with :method.

You don’t need to use these tags for regular forms as they generate their own hidden fields.

For Ajax requests other than GETs, extract the “csrf-token” from the meta-tag and send as the X-CSRF-Token HTTP header. If you are using rails-ujs, this happens automatically.

Also aliased as: csrf_meta_tag
# File actionview/lib/action_view/helpers/csrf_helper.rb, line 22
def csrf_meta_tags
  if defined?(protect_against_forgery?) && protect_against_forgery?
      tag("meta", name: "csrf-param", content: request_forgery_protection_token),
      tag("meta", name: "csrf-token", content: form_authenticity_token)