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Active Record Database Url Config

A UrlConfig object is created for each database configuration entry that is created from a URL. This can either be a URL string or a hash with a URL in place of the config hash.

A URL config:



  @env_name="default_env", @name="primary",
  @config={adapter: "postgresql", database: "foo", host: "localhost"},

See ActiveRecord::DatabaseConfigurations for more info.



[R] url

Class Public methods

new(env_name, name, url, configuration_hash = {})

Initialize a new UrlConfig object


  • :env_name - The Rails environment, i.e. “development”.

  • :name - The db config name. In a standard two-tier database configuration this will default to “primary”. In a multiple database three-tier database configuration this corresponds to the name used in the second tier, for example “primary_readonly”.

  • :url - The database URL.

  • :config - The config hash. This is the hash that contains the database adapter, name, and other important information for database connections.

# File activerecord/lib/active_record/database_configurations/url_config.rb, line 40
def initialize(env_name, name, url, configuration_hash = {})
  super(env_name, name, configuration_hash)

  @url = url
  @configuration_hash = @configuration_hash.merge(build_url_hash).freeze