Instance Public methods
require_dependency(file_name, message = "No such file to load -- %s.rb")

Interprets a file using mechanism and marks its defined constants as autoloaded. file_name can be either a string or respond to to_path.

Use this method in code that absolutely needs a certain constant to be defined at that point. A typical use case is to make constant name resolution deterministic for constants with the same relative name in different namespaces whose evaluation would depend on load order otherwise.

# File activesupport/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb, line 274
def require_dependency(file_name, message = "No such file to load -- %s.rb")
  file_name = file_name.to_path if file_name.respond_to?(:to_path)
  unless file_name.is_a?(String)
    raise ArgumentError, "the file name must either be a String or implement #to_path -- you passed #{file_name.inspect}"

  Dependencies.depend_on(file_name, message)