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Instance Public methods

rich_text_area_tag(name, value = nil, options = {})

Returns a trix-editor tag that instantiates the Trix JavaScript editor as well as a hidden field that Trix will write to on changes, so the content will be sent on form submissions.


  • :class - Defaults to “trix-content” so that default styles will be applied. Setting this to a different value will prevent default styles from being applied.

  • [:data][:direct_upload_url] - Defaults to rails_direct_uploads_url.

  • [:data][:blob_url_template] - Defaults to rails_service_blob_url(":signed_id", ":filename").


rich_text_area_tag "content", message.content
# <input type="hidden" name="content" id="trix_input_post_1">
# <trix-editor id="content" input="trix_input_post_1" class="trix-content" ...></trix-editor>
# File actiontext/app/helpers/action_text/tag_helper.rb, line 24
def rich_text_area_tag(name, value = nil, options = {})
  options = options.symbolize_keys
  form = options.delete(:form)

  options[:input] ||= "trix_input_#{ += 1}"
  options[:class] ||= "trix-content"

  options[:data] ||= {}
  options[:data][:direct_upload_url] ||= main_app.rails_direct_uploads_url
  options[:data][:blob_url_template] ||= main_app.rails_service_blob_url(":signed_id", ":filename")

  editor_tag = content_tag("trix-editor", "", options)
  input_tag = hidden_field_tag(name, value.try(:to_trix_html) || value, id: options[:input], form: form)

  input_tag + editor_tag