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A small suite of assertions that test responses from Rails applications.


Instance Public methods

assert_redirected_to(options = {}, message = nil)

Asserts that the response is a redirect to a URL matching the given options.

# Asserts that the redirection was to the "index" action on the WeblogController
assert_redirected_to controller: "weblog", action: "index"

# Asserts that the redirection was to the named route login_url
assert_redirected_to login_url

# Asserts that the redirection was to the URL for @customer
assert_redirected_to @customer

# Asserts that the redirection matches the regular expression
assert_redirected_to %r(\A
# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/testing/assertions/response.rb, line 53
def assert_redirected_to(options = {}, message = nil)
  assert_response(:redirect, message)
  return true if options === @response.location

  redirect_is       = normalize_argument_to_redirection(@response.location)
  redirect_expected = normalize_argument_to_redirection(options)

  message ||= "Expected response to be a redirect to <#{redirect_expected}> but was a redirect to <#{redirect_is}>"
  assert_operator redirect_expected, :===, redirect_is, message

assert_response(type, message = nil)

Asserts that the response is one of the following types:

  • :success - Status code was in the 200-299 range

  • :redirect - Status code was in the 300-399 range

  • :missing - Status code was 404

  • :error - Status code was in the 500-599 range

You can also pass an explicit status number like assert_response(501) or its symbolic equivalent assert_response(:not_implemented). See Rack::Utils::SYMBOL_TO_STATUS_CODE for a full list.

# Asserts that the response was a redirection
assert_response :redirect

# Asserts that the response code was status code 401 (unauthorized)
assert_response 401
# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/testing/assertions/response.rb, line 30
def assert_response(type, message = nil)
  message ||= generate_response_message(type)

  if RESPONSE_PREDICATES.keys.include?(type)
    assert @response.public_send(RESPONSE_PREDICATES[type]), message
    assert_equal, @response.response_code, message