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queue_classic adapter for Active Job

queue_classic provides a simple interface to a PostgreSQL-backed message queue. queue_classic specializes in concurrent locking and minimizing database load while providing a simple, intuitive developer experience. queue_classic assumes that you are already using PostgreSQL in your production environment and that adding another dependency (e.g. redis, beanstalkd, 0mq) is undesirable.

Read more about queue_classic here.

To use queue_classic set the queue_adapter config to :queue_classic.

Rails.application.config.active_job.queue_adapter = :queue_classic

Instance Public methods


Builds a QC::Queue object to schedule jobs on.

If you have a custom QC::Queue subclass you’ll need to subclass ActiveJob::QueueAdapters::QueueClassicAdapter and override the build_queue method.

# File activejob/lib/active_job/queue_adapters/queue_classic_adapter.rb, line 45
def build_queue(queue_name)