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Action Cable Server Configuration

An instance of this configuration object is available via ActionCable.server.config, which allows you to tweak Action Cable configuration in a Rails config initializer.



[RW] allow_same_origin_as_host
[RW] allowed_request_origins
[RW] cable
[RW] connection_class
[RW] disable_request_forgery_protection
[RW] filter_parameters
[RW] health_check_application
[RW] health_check_path
[RW] log_tags
[RW] logger
[RW] mount_path
[RW] precompile_assets
[RW] url
[RW] worker_pool_size

Class Public methods


# File actioncable/lib/action_cable/server/configuration.rb, line 19
def initialize
  @log_tags = []

  @connection_class = -> { ActionCable::Connection::Base }
  @worker_pool_size = 4

  @disable_request_forgery_protection = false
  @allow_same_origin_as_host = true
  @filter_parameters = []

  @health_check_application = ->(env) {
    [200, { Rack::CONTENT_TYPE => "text/html", "date" => }, []]

Instance Public methods


Returns constant of subscription adapter specified in config/cable.yml. If the adapter cannot be found, this will default to the Redis adapter. Also makes sure proper dependencies are required.

# File actioncable/lib/action_cable/server/configuration.rb, line 37
def pubsub_adapter
  adapter = (cable.fetch("adapter") { "redis" })

  # Require the adapter itself and give useful feedback about
  #   1. Missing adapter gems and
  #   2. Adapter gems' missing dependencies.
  path_to_adapter = "action_cable/subscription_adapter/#{adapter}"
    require path_to_adapter
  rescue LoadError => e
    # We couldn't require the adapter itself. Raise an exception that
    # points out config typos and missing gems.
    if e.path == path_to_adapter
      # We can assume that a non-builtin adapter was specified, so it's
      # either misspelled or missing from Gemfile.
      raise e.class, "Could not load the '#{adapter}' Action Cable pubsub adapter. Ensure that the adapter is spelled correctly in config/cable.yml and that you've added the necessary adapter gem to your Gemfile.", e.backtrace

    # Bubbled up from the adapter require. Prefix the exception message
    # with some guidance about how to address it and reraise.
      raise e.class, "Error loading the '#{adapter}' Action Cable pubsub adapter. Missing a gem it depends on? #{e.message}", e.backtrace

  adapter = adapter.camelize
  adapter = "PostgreSQL" if adapter == "Postgresql"